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Recession is a Beast
and you must master it.

Or - extinct.

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To master it You must start your Digital Transformation!

Your Challenges


Do you know how your factory is really doing – and how far it is from working at its full potential? 

We will look deep into your reality, and create with you the next steps to plan the future and build your Roadmap for growth and digitalization. 



Do you feel that too - more expectations to meet yet traditional team structures?

Do I have to change the whole structure?

How can I delegate into flat hierarchies and still stay in control? 



Prepare your ground to make your factory competitive, lean and with a smart management that is customer-centric and profits-oriented. 


Increase your standards, empower your people and start working towards Innovation Excellence to sustain your growth. 



Do you have unconnected software across processes, machines and people? Do you make decisions without clear information?


Be innovative and smart manage two organizations at the same time, one analogue and one digital, to capitalize on your factory’s potential.  

How I can help


If you want your company to achieve a high level of excellence, then you probably recognize that the best ones never do it alone – we must find the support at the highest level. So, we have built a program to help factories that want to be stronger in the future achieve digital excellence and modernization.

The Digital Lean Factory is the only plan that your company will ever need on         digitization and growth, using the tools and mindset of Industry 4.0. 

With more than 60 + years of combined experience, you’ll get the support from a team who has been through this journey and was successful, and who has already created the system for your factory. 

Implement Your Own Roadmap For Digitalization And Grow. 

How I work
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A harsh statement that I heard in my early days as general manager when I decided to start the digital transformation of the Hugo Boss Factory in Izmir. 


I started in bespoke tailoring in 1984 and I made my way to become a Managing Director in 2015. During that time, I was always passionate about technology and innovation to empower our people to do a better job and increase our profits.  


With this journey, me and my taskforce were able to make this factory 100% smart, automated and digital, being known as a world reference and leading expert in digitalization, strategy and industry 4.0. Now, we want to replicate this success with you and certify your company as a Digital Lean Factory. Here’s what we will deliver:  


 👉 We will support you and your team on your journey to become a Smart Factory with the digital tools and the mindset of Industry 4.0 


👉 You will become flexible, resilient and build an innovative workforce to stay ahead in the game. 


As simple as that, and as complicated as well! 


Where to start? What to do first and what's next? How much will it cost you and will it ever pay back? 

A lot of valid questions and we will bring the answers! 


Do a better job, make better decisions, please your customers always and improve your profitability today in order to grow and expand tomorrow. 

Prepare For Your Digitalization or Prepare For Your Bankruptcy!

Some Clients, but more important - MOVERS!

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