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Do you see that too - increasing customers yet decreasing order sizes?

How many different brands should I target in the future?

Should I serve a Titanic or a lot of Speed Boats?



Do you feel that too - more expectations to meet yet traditional team structures?

Do I have to change the whole structure?

How can I delegate into flat hierarchies and still stay in control? 



Do you sense that too - optimized standards yet too rigid and too static?

How can I empower my people so that they support the future of my business?

Is Innovation Excellence the next big thing?

And if so, how do I turn this into a sustainable process and not just a couple of Eureka Moments?



Do you know that too - heavy Software installations yet unconnected and not user-friendly?

Do I have to involve HR maybe?

Does digitalization impact technology or people or both?

And what about the story of the digital twin, can I manage two organizations at the same time, one analogue and one digital?



We help your factories to improve their standards, improve the engagement of your workforce and improve your efficiency so that you stay in business. That with the tools and mindset of Industry 4.0. The more the better.

35+ Years of experience, both as  specialists and top manager empower us to do so.

Now, Everyone and every organization is different. What unites them though are their stories of successes and challenges. We use your particular company DNA and tweak it with technology so that generic principles become personal ones and generic profitability activities become your personal success story.

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 👉 Prepare for your Digitalization or prepare for your Bankruptcy!

A harsh statement that I heard in a conversation with a factory owner from Bangladesh. But somehow it resonated with the experience that I had when starting the digital transformation of the Hugo Boss Factory in Izmir. 


I started in bespoke tailoring in 1984 and made my way to become a Managing Director in 2015. During that time I was always passionate about technology and innovation to empower people doing a better job. 


When digital transformations should result in success, the most important part is probably to take everyone with you, to understand all levels and make it useful for all. That is what my team and me learned while stepping up the corporate ladder and that is what we now deliver to our clients:


And in order for you to stay in business,


👉 We support you on your journey to become a Smart Factory with the digital tools and the mindset of Industry 4.0


👉 You will become flexible yet resilient and with your innovative workforce you will stay in the game.


As simple as that and as complicated as well!


Where to start? What to do first and what's next? How much will it cost you and will it ever pay back?

A lot of valid questions and we will bring the answers!


Doing a better job, making better decisions, pleasing your customers and at the same time improve your profitability is the task of today and tomorrow.


👉 You can do this too - it depends on the moment you start. Start your journey towards Industry 4.0! 


a lot of presentations,

TEDx Talks,

a lot of explanations, 

a lot about changing people, processes and technology



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