Yes, I know, but which ones to concentrate on?

And how many different customers should I target in the future?

Should I serve a Titanic or a lot of Speed Boats?


Yes, I know, but how to avoid hectic and chaos and how do I organize that?

Can I proceed with my organization or do I have to change the whole structure?

How can I delegate into flat hierarchies and still stay in control? 


Yes, I know, but what lies beyond LEAN?

How can I empower my people so that beyond improving the current world, they prepare the future of my business?

Innovation Excellence the next big thing?

And if so, how do I turn this into a sustainable process and not just a couple of Eureka Moments?


Yes I know, but how do I find the right strategy?

Is this something for IT or do I have to involve HR maybe?

Does this impact technology or people?
Or both?

And what about the story of the digital twin, can I manage two organizations at the same time, one analogue and one digital?



I will not try to convince you with astounding numbers, thrilling benchmarks or latest growth charts.

I have a strong desire though, to challenge and improve the current status.

Everyone and every organization is different. What unites them are their own stories of successes and challenges.


I can help you and your organization to become a better version of yourself, one thread a time.

35+ Years of experience, both as a specialist and a top manager empower me to do so.

Combined with the intention to create sustainable change. 


I have a profound and holistic knowledge in apparel manufacturing, technology and innovation. 

Starting as a tailor for several years in bespoke couture, I then moved into the ready to wear business and since then have taken various positions, mainly in the field of product development.

In 2015 I moved to Izmir, Turkey to serve as managing director in the biggest factory of the HUGO BOSS Group with up to 4000 employees.  


My most important target was to transfer this production hub into a Smart Factory with the means of Industry 4.0. That in order to be prepared for a highly volatile, demanding and impatient market environment.  Within this approach, the team has been in the forefront of innovation excellence in apparel manufacturing and thus the Izmir Factory today is a role model for the global apparel industry. 


I strongly believe in agile, SCRUM based project execution and flat hierarchies to cope with today’s pace of doing business. Side by side with this approach it is essential to have a digital Culture and to embrace digitalization as a Booster for results and empoloyee satisfaction.


In September 2020 I founded my own Consulting firm to now help manufacurers and Startups with their tranformation towards more flexible and digital mindsets and methods.

I have a wonderful family and live close to Stuttgart in Germany, but my work field is globally of course

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a lot of presentations,

TEDx Talks,

a lot of explanations, 

a lot about changing people, processes and technology



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