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Click Click – what is your digital worth?

Last week I had a request from to join their network of experts ( I‘m in now☺and I am not payed for this feed) They claim that they have a database of 700.000+ experts globally. So, as I am a curious person and like to experiment, expecially nowadays, I joined and waited for a note. Just a couple of hours later I received a first council request on a strategic matter that didn’t touch my core industry but nevertheless the system filtered me out to be a valuable conversation partner. We had a call, I guess that I could help with my experience and off we went.

Soon later I received a message with the amount of minutes!!! that the call lasted and the according invoice, again on minute base. For sure, other than a nice indian person on the phone arranging the call and the call itself, everything was automized (talking about RPA- Robot Process Automation, at its best in a later feed) and completely digital. No travel cost, no hotel, no meeting rooms, nothing. Both sides at home or in the office and yes, knowledge transfer achieved. Goal achieved.

Now on one side I must admit that this is the utmost level of capitalizm that I can think about. Everyone in this system is condensed to the maximum value, no waste of time on either side, no intention to first have a relaxed conversation, gentle comments, no talk at the joint coffee machine in meeting brakes - blank business. Also the region or internationality is insignificant, you can do this basically from a beach bar on Bali or in an expensive office in Manhattan, NYC. Incredibly easy and stripped to maximize customer value at best.

On the other side it reminded me on a speech of Alain de Button from 2015 ( starting Minute 8.55) that emphazised on the need for businesses to move upwards in Maslov’s pyramid. To start creating more cases that care about intellectual value rather than physical goods. In two ways interesting – using less ressources and therefor less threatening the environment and secondly giving new opportunities to people all over the world, no matter how much they have access to physical things. A phone and Internet access is basically enough to start.

And though you see me a bit puzzled with my reactions to that business model, ultimately I like the idea. I like the fact that if someone wants advice he can ask and find a way to learn from experts and improve his/her business with that method - it‘s beneficial for both sides. It also increases the level of knowledge for organisations and companies without the need to hire these people - maybe with regards to areas and regions anyway impossible now.

Also I like the idea of being surrounded by experts and the filter function to find exactely the right match for what I am looking, searching and offering for. Thanks to AI this is doable in an unprecedented way. More of this please.

Enjoy the week...


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